August 18, 1912, Stockholm, Sweden
The old world order is trembling all over Europe.
Socialists, fascists, anarchists… everyone is ready to change the world.
And so are the suffragettes.

Join us for a historical larp about divisions and sisterhood within the feminist movement of 1912. Expect arguments, angst, laughter, love and an elegant fistful of feminist power. This is the pivotal movement to decide what feminism is all about and set the course for the 20th century. What are you willing to sacrifice for The Cause?

Larp? What is that?
A larp is a participatory form of theatre. A few months before you will be given a written character. You will portray this character during a stimulating and engaging activist meeting, set in a 1912 setting, together with 70+ other people. You will get to experience first-hand what the early feminist movement might have been like in a wonderful historical setting in Stockholm. If this is your first time – have no fear. We will be delighted to guide you. Start by reading What is larp? and the participation contract (Swedish version, English version) carefully.

IRL: Main larp will take place on August 18, 2018, 9.30-21.30. Expect cool non-mandatory stuff the days before and after in Stockholm.
In game: You and your activist group (foreign or domestic) have come to Villa Grunewald in Stockholm to meet up with others on August 18, 1912.

The Grunewald Mansion in Stockholm, Sweden. A big historical mansion on a beautiful peninsula.

Suffragette! is a historical larp, with pre-written characters. They are written by an international team – a French writer will write the French characters, a British the british characters etc.

Characters are based on actual historical feminists OR on historical people that would have existed (the union leader, the struggling mother and factory worker etc.)

75 participants. All characters will be labeled by society as women. Players of all or no gender are welcome.

We love multilingualism! We want to hear many languages during the larp.

Slightly more than half of the participants will be Swedes, the rest will speak several different languages.

This webpage will have English material for international players. And Swedish material for Swedish players. Additional material (e.g. roles, background info) in French, Norwegian etc. may be given to individual participants.

For more on language – see “Practical“.

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